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NWD Releases Rabbit and Grass Blanco AGAVE SPIRITS


Rabbit and Grass Blanco Agave Spirits Released

EDEN, UT, April 22, 2017 — On the heals of being awarded a third medal for their site-distilled Oomaw Gin, New World Distillery releases their second spirit, an un-aged, Blanco Agave Spirit fermented, distilled and bottled in the heart of the Ogden Valley at New World Distillery. New World Distillery is the only distillery the state of Utah manufacturing Agave Spirits.

Head Distiller and Co-Owner, Chris Cross has been “chasing tequila” for over half his life. His intended goal in distilling his own agave spirit has always been to retain the flavor profile of the original fruit, in this case, agave. He accomplishes this by fermenting with a specially-chosen yeast in high tech, 2000 liter, temperature-controlled and jacketed fermenters over a period of about 17 days. Cross believes that 90% of the flavor is developed during fermentation and he has chosen equipment that he believes allows for superior control of that flavor development in all the spirits he produces. Cross then makes his tails cuts very early in the run explaining that while that may result in less yield of final product, he is able to capture the heart of the agave flavor and ensure that it is the pronounced flavor profile.

Because the word, “tequila” is an appellation of origin and can only be used to describe agave spirits distilled in the Tequila region of Mexico, New World Distillery’s Rabbit and Grass Blanco is called Agave Spirits. New World Distillery will release a reposado, an agave spirit aged in a barrel, inside of one year. Their anejo will be aged for up to three years. All of NWD’s aged Agave Spirits will be rested in used Wyoming Whiskey Bourbon barrels, sourced yearly from Kirby, WY. Cross explains that he always aims to source as locally as possible and the idea of using barrels from Wyoming was one he capitalized on three years ago when the distillery was in the conceptual stages of development. 



New World Distillery is committed to representing the Ogden Valley with exceptional small batch “above top shelf” spirits. Founded by Chris and Ashley Cross, New World Distillery is a proud contributor to the Ogden Valley community through responsible use of natural resources, In- ternational Dark Skies compliant lighting, solar-powered equipment and many other green pro- cesses, the details of which are shared with customers when they tour the facility. A destination distillery, New World has a welcoming retail store front and sells merchandise, mixers and their own, site-distilled products in their package agency inside the facility. Their current line up of products includes their award-winning Oomaw Gin, Rabbit and Grass Blanco Agave Spirits and their limited edition Agave Sprits VODKA which will launch their Bower Spirits Project.

New World Distillery opened it’s doors December 10, 2016 and is located at 4795 E 2600 N in Eden, Utah. For more information, please see 

Oomaw GIN, Rabbit and Grass AGAVE SPIRITS, and Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart CHERRY LIQUEUR are available at most State Liquor Stores and the distillery, while our Ogden Valley VODKA is only available at the distillery.