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Now OPEN Tuesday to Saturday 11am-6pm!  Yes, there is a distillery in Eden offering tours, tastings and sales of their super-premium spirits.





Go Green!

Go green, or don't go! Wondering what we've been up to? Finalized the design and specifications for our cooling water recirculating chiller. Not very exciting? It is when you consider that the vast majority of of craft distilleries just run thousands of gallons of cooling water down the drain per day. We at NWD are sensitive to and supportive of our unique water situation here in Ogden Valley. Therefore, yes, it is exciting to be able to report that we have a cooling water solution that recirculates 100% of our cooling water, sending zero down the drain. It is the little things (or in this case, a big thing in the form of a water chiller) that makes all the difference. Plus it is made in the USA ( These are the details that take time, but are critical to being a good steward of the Valley's resources.

Oomaw GIN, Rabbit and Grass AGAVE SPIRITS, and Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart CHERRY LIQUEUR are available at most State Liquor Stores and the distillery, while our Ogden Valley VODKA is only available at the distillery.