New World Distillery

Bringing the Spirits of the Past Alive in Your Glass

Now OPEN Tuesday to Saturday 11am-6pm!  Yes, there is a distillery in Eden offering tours, tastings and sales of their super-premium spirits.





Our Spirits

A bar, set high, and exceeded.  Every time.  We believe that craft should exceed the quality and limitations of big booze.  It is our mission to ensure above top-shelf quality and bold taste in all of our spirits.  New World Distillery proudly presents for your enjoyment:

Oomaw GIN

A multiple award winning gin highlighting a juniper-forward taste profile, balanced with our unique blend of eight additional botanicals.  Distilled with unmatched precision and bottled at 89 proof to ensure maximum flavor and aroma. This will be your favorite gin at first sip.

New World Distillery's Uncharted Series BARREL-RESTED GIN

Temporarily SOLD OUT!

Oomaw Gin rested in a Sweet Vermouth wine barrel. Whether you sip it neat or shake as a martini and garnish with a lemon twist, you will still recognize your favorite gin but will also detect the French oak tannins and the stone fruit vermouth we love most with Oomaw. Try as a hot toddy with apple cider!

Our Uncharted Series is ONLY available at the distillery.

Rabbit and Grass AGAVE SPIRITS, Blanco

An agave spirit distilled from 100% organic blue agave.  But, that is where the similarities to other blanco tequilas end.  Fermented using champagne yeast under tightly controlled conditions, and distilled to capture the fruit-forward flavor of agave, and bottled at 89 proof to ensure retention of maximum flavor.  The best and boldest blanco you've ever sipped.

Ogden Valley VODKA

A Vodka above them all.  Unique in that it is distilled from 100% Organic Blue Agave (it is New World Distillery after all).  Starts with a pleasant sweet note and finishes impossibly smooth, a testament to its superior quality.

Ogden Valley VODKA is ONLY available at the Distillery.

Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart CHERRY LIQUEUR

A higher proof liqueur made with a blend of our own site-distilled agave and neutral spirits, sweetened with 100% organic agave nectar and flavored with real Montmorency tart cherries.  Bottled at 64 proof, this New World liqueur has zero refined sugar and can be enjoyed as a stand alone cordial or as the not-too-sweet element in your favorite cocktail.

Rabbit and Grass AGAVE SPIRITS, Reposado

Released on the Summer Solstice of 2018, our Rabbit and Grass Reposado AGAVE SPIRITS is a mix of modern craft and tradition.  Bottled and 89 proof, our Reposado is Big, Bold, and etremely enjoyable neat or in a bold cocktail.

Availability through our online retailer !

Availability through our online retailer!

Oomaw GIN, Rabbit and Grass AGAVE SPIRITS, and Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart CHERRY LIQUEUR are available at most State Liquor Stores and the distillery, while our Ogden Valley VODKA is only available at the distillery.