New World Distillery

Bringing the Spirits of the Past Alive in Your Glass

Now OPEN Tuesday to Saturday 11am-6pm!  Yes, there is a distillery in Eden offering tours, tastings and sales of their super-premium spirits.





When Are You Opening?

With the flurry of activity and media exposure, we've been fielding an inordinate amount of inquiries as to when we'll be open.  In a word... December.  When we open, we'll be proudly releasing our Oomaw Gin as our very first premium spirit and our only release in 2016.  Our Oomaw gin celebrates the clarity of the waters and skies in Ogden Valley and is a sprit crafted in the Dutch style with a New World twist: a juniper forward gin with 8 additional New World botanicals for a mellowing finish.  As a manufacturer, we have a package agency contract with the Utah DABC that allows us to sell the products we make on site.  Once the dust settles and we get through this final sprint to the finish line, we'll open the distillery production floor for public and private tours.

Follow us on Facebook for the latest news regarding our soft opening, just in time for the Holiday season.  And stop by for a tasting and a glimpse of more to come as we welcome the new year with staggered releases of our Ogden Valley Vodka, hand crafted from organic, single-malt barley and our Rabbit and Grass Agave Spirits, made from 100% organic, blue agave.  

Thank you for your continued support!  NWD, 18 November 2016

Oomaw GIN, Rabbit and Grass AGAVE SPIRITS, and Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart CHERRY LIQUEUR are available at most State Liquor Stores and the distillery, while our Ogden Valley VODKA is only available at the distillery.